Acquiring Membership

Acquiring a membership in the First Satanic Church is not a simple task. We do not solicit memberships or accept just anyone. We are the eclectic elite of the Satanic religion and a $100 bill will not buy your way in. To ensure the highest stratum of membership, we find it necessary to screen all applicants. Only those who are sincerely interested in Satanism and the occult sciences need apply.

Our members are from various backgrounds and walks of life. Many of them share the desire to better themselves through the application of Satanic principles. Before you apply for membership it is mandatory that you read The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey.

Members of the First Satanic Church DO NOT sacrifice animals, worship the devil, participate in orgies, molest children or infringe on the rights of others! We are an organization of individuals who openly study Satanism and other cultural subjects.

To request an application for membership send a self addressed stamped envelope with your name, age, telephone number, and any additional info about yourself to:

First Satanic Church
P.O. Box 475177
San Francisco, CA. 94147