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9th Annual BLACK X MASS

Karla LaVey's First Satanic Church presents the 9th Annual Black X Mass on Christmas, Monday Dec. 25th. Acts will include the Graves Brothers Deluxe, Mongo Lounge (from the Mongoloids - Devo cover band), Sergio Iglesias, Meathole Bitches, Theremin Wizard Barney, Wealthy Whore Entertainment (burlesque), torch singer Tallulah Bankheist, Ginger the Stripper and special surprise guests. Pirate Cat Radio DJ's. Mr. Odom of Pirate Cat’s Drive Time will emcee with LaVey.
Place: Elbo Room - 647 Valencia St., S.F. CA
Time: 9 P.M.
Admission: $9. sliding 21+

posted on Friday, December 15, 2006 to permalink

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