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Dec. 23, XXXVIII Annos Satanas

An Unsettling Holiday

From Bruce Bellingham of the San Francisco Examiner

In the interest of ecumenism and community standard, I thought I'd mention that Karla La Vey, Anton's daughter, held her 6th Annual Black Xmas Mass for the First Satanic Church at the Edinburgh Castle on Geary on Saturday night. What else can one do in a black-out but have a black mass? Entertainment was provided by magician Jim Morton ... "theremin wizard" Barney (for wonderful spooky sound effects) and pianist George Michalski, who performed the Anton La Vey musical composition, "The March of Satan." George says, "The tune received a grand ovation when I performed it for President Bill Clinton and other world leaders at the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations." That might explain a few things.

posted on Tuesday, December 23, 2003

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