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Friday the 13th Karla LaVey will be a guest judge at NEW YORK NIGHT TRAIN SOUL CLAP and DANCE-OFF!

...111 Minna St., San Francisco 21+ $5

Guest DJs
JELLO BIAFRA (Guatanamo School of Medicine)
PRIMO (Oldies Night)
Featuring MC Ian Svenonius, DJ Jonathan Toubin, and this interesting cast of judges:
KARLA LaVEY (Founder/leader, First Satanic Church)
LIL B (The Pack)
IRENE HERNANDEZ-FEIKS (Chillin’ Productions)
MATT GONZALEZ (Green Party leader, fine artist, and activist)
SAM GREEN (Academy Award-nominated director of Weather Underground)
TY SEGALL (Goner Records recording artiste!)
John TRIPPE (founder/editor, Fecal Face)

The SOUL CLAP and DANCE-OFF is not only ....NEW YORK.... NIGHT TRAIN’s biggest and most famous party, but one of the NYC underground’s more popular monthly nightlife institutions. The concept is elegant - ALL NIGHT DANCING to wild exquisite 45s of subterranean maximum rock and soul DJ MR. JONATHAN TOUBIN and a dance contest in the middle. The Clap has grown not only locally, selling out every month in ..New York.., but also globally, bringing its excitement to markets as far flung as Tel Aviv, .. Mexico City.., ..Calgary.., and ....Humbolt.. ..County..... Mr. Toubin and his party have also garnered worldwide critical acclaim the last few months and the contest has featured judges from every edge of culture – particularly underground music. On this tour he will be joined by guest DJ/dance contest MC IAN SVENONIUS, the leader of Chain and the Gang, former leader of Nation of Ulysses, Make-Up, and a number of other important indie rock bands, moderator of Vice TV’s Soft Focus, and author of the critically acclaimed collection of essays The Psychic Soviet. Tonight is kinda special because the event will take place in two rooms and duo will be joined by DJ PAUL PAUL of Saturday Night Soul Party and guest DJs PRIMO of OLDIES NIGHT and JELLO BIAFRA of Guantanamo School of Medicine.

Get up, get out,

get in and get down all night long!

posted on Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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